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Group Consulting

Serving rural communities. Changing lives.

About us

Group Consulting is a private initiative seeking to improve human conditions through implementing development activities across the country. Across all its programming, Group Consulting engages social enterprise thinking to develop ideas, manage and implement solutions that improve lives of people.

We focus on agriculture, energy and health sectors since.

Agriculture employs about 77.5% of Tanzanians and nearly 95% of the rural population. It is significant to focus on youth since 65% of the rural inhabitant is made of youth. Improving agriculture sector therefore is directly connected to the majority and has wide benefits to rural population. Disseminating knowledge, approaches and technologies has proved to be an outstanding to rural development programs.

Energy creates employment across all sectors and an important element to stimulate economy. With 90% of the population being off-grid in Tanzania, economic progress is slow. Experience links effective use of energy services and betterment of quality of life. Group Consulting envisage promoting renewable energies using various approaches to support income generation, health benefits and environmental conservation.

Health is an engine regulating reproductive and productive growth. Health challenges are partly attributed to low public health services, outreaches, staffing and investment. Group Consulting is striving to explore utilisation of innovative approaches and strategies to improve access to better health services among low-income rural households.