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Group Consulting

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Radio 4 Development

Radio for Development

Radio for Development (r4D) is the initiative which brings development experts to assist in the radio content development. The r4D is one of the Working Groups under Group-con.

R4D use Action research Partners (ARPs) as a strategy to reach and strengthen capacity community media to serve rural population with appropriate development messages. The project offers an opportunity to remote community radio to receive development experts who will assist in transforming development documents into appropriate radio content, relevant to rural listeners.

Pilot phase focuses on agriculture – mitigating effects of climate change in northern and central regions in Tanzania. Similarly, members of the Working Group are part of the co-facilitation initiative under rural women radio programming with support from Rural Livelihood Development Program called AMKA. It involves Regalia and Radio 5 in Arusha. The program reaches more than 17 regions.

Radio is an effective development tool. Under the program, it is expected to assist in adoption of improved farming practices, advocate appropriate marketing systems, technologies, accountability and partnership under north-south and south-south partnership framework.